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Original Price:$97.00
Label Size:8
Designer: Other
Manufacturer's Style Number:
Year Purchased:
Dress Condition:Used


Silhouette:A Line
Dress Length:
Train Length:

Size and Alteration Details

Street Size of Wearer: 8
Measurement at time of wearing:
Bra: Bust:35.5 Waist:28.5 Hips:39
Height in heels: 5' 4"

Description and details

It is selling on the website where I got it originally, JJ’s House, for $89 right now, though we originally paid $97. It is their standard size 8, which I listed the measurements for. I am selling two size 6s, two size 8s, and one size 20, if you are interested in buying more than one. Here is the link to the listing: https://www.jjshouse.com/A-Line-Princess-Halter-Knee-Length-Chiffon-Bridesmaid-Dress-With-Ruffle-Bow-S-007051832-g51832/color__daffodil
All my ladies were happy with the dress and it looked great on everyone, regardless of body type—see my photos for shots from the wedding or the website link above for their modeled photos, which maybe shows the detail a bit better. The girls were all different cup sizes and it was big enough for the bigger-chested girls, and it didn't look weird on the girls with smaller chests who had a little extra room, so that was awesome. It was my biggest concern. So even if the bust measurement isn't exactly what you think you need, you'll probably be just fine anyway. The waist measurement is the one you'll want to pay attention to because you just want to make sure it zips up the back, and the A-line shape of the dress pretty much renders the hip measurement unnecessary.
I have no complaints and only wish I could keep one myself. Even though they are used, they look like new and there is no damage to any of them.